Carol Ann 

Holistic Healing & Spiritual Guidance


With a rich tapestry of expertise, Carol Ann offers:

  • Tarot Readings for guidance and clarity
  • Reiki Healing Sessions as a Master Practitioner and Teacher, promoting balance and healing
  • Shamanic Practices for deep spiritual connection and healing
  • Guided Meditations and Energy & Sound Immersions for peace and rejuvenation
  • Leadership in Master Mind Meetings, fostering growth and community
  • Retreats curated for immersive healing and spiritual exploration
  • Special moments crafted as an Officiant for Wedding Ceremonies


Tarot Reading:

Experience divine guidance and insight with a 30-minute session via Zoom for $60

Tarot Reading

Reiki Session:

Nurture your mind, body, and spirit with a 30-minute Reiki session via Zoom for $60

Reiki Session



Connect with Carol Ann:

Feel a connection with Carol Ann's energy?

She invites you to reach out and explore the pathways to your spiritual and healing journey.


📧 Email: [email protected]

📱 Text: 1-716-491-1362

🎥 YouTube:

Flower of Life Wisdom Tarot for insights and inspiration.  


Your journey towards healing, clarity, and transformation begins here.