Transform Your Financial Reality

Are you ready to awaken your FULL FUCK -YEAH LIFE 

while the Universe does the heavy lifting?...

Imagine effortlessly navigating financial decisions with confidence, free from the chaotic patterns that have been holding you back. Step into your full potential, not from a place of compensation, but from a place of clarity and empowerment.

No more feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or uncertain about your finances.

Experience the freedom to live a life of adventure, joy, and financial abundance.

Live a life you will not regret

Hello there, beautiful Soul!¬†ūüĎč...



that keeps you from living your best life?

  • Drowning in financial decisions,¬†unsure of what the right move is.
  • Trying to save, but feeling like it‚Äôs never enough.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your finances and¬†clueless about where to begin.
  • Wincing at the dread of unexpected expenses whispering, ,¬†"Great-¬†How much will this cost me?"


Your Path to Financial and Spiritual Abundance

Discover the blueprint that merges financial mastery with soulful living. Your journey to prosperity begins here.


Imagine a life where you where fully dialed into your Rich Bitch...



Like my client, Diana, who is now ...
  • "Living my best life without feeling encumbrances of limitation, fear, or shame. Showing up fully in all areas of my life without holding back or feeling 'bad' about who I am or what I have. Enjoying the abundance I have worked for and created without apology or making myself small."


Like my client, Sarah, who ...
  • "I have left behind societal judgments and now live in a 'fuck-free zone,' traveling and enjoying life."


Like my client, Carol, who 
  • "Experiences grace and ease, freely moving about the planet and sharing her wisdom."



  • I enjoy multiple streams of residual income that flow with ease.
  • I¬†get paid lavishly for being me while traversing between my quaint NY home, a shared tree farming venture with my Love, a serene beach house in Costa Rica, traveling all over the US while doing van life and all over the world for skiing, biking and pilgrimages.
  • And of course,¬†making room for my next uplevel- EKKK- I can't wait to see how the Universe blows my mind this time.


Embracing sacred play in every aspect of my journey, I believe the universe supports me best when I am authentically myself. This playful approach not only fuels my own growth but also empowers those I serve, creating a ripple effect of positivity and abundance.


A visionary in my forties, I’m a mother, adventurer, and a relentless seeker of authenticity. My life is a vibrant tapestry woven from dreams into reality, marked by globe-trotting adventures and deep, meaningful connections that affirm the power of living true to oneself.

For over 18 years, I thrived in the personal finance realm:

  • Budget Coach¬†-¬†
    • Crafting and teaching¬† my¬†unique method¬†to hundreds¬†¬†and is part of my Money Courses
  • Independent Landlord¬†
    • I average owning about 3 rentals at a time¬†
  • Tropical Airbnb in Costa Rica were I spend about 2+months a year and steadily increasing
  • Hand Money Lending
  • Mortgage Loan Officer

Eight years ago, I had enough and had a taste of what was possible: MY FREEDOM - I tore up the scripts! I break free from a co-dependent marriage, and STOPPED PLAYING BY THE BULLSHIT RULES.


Five years ago, I embraced my calling as an Energy Healer, intuitive guide, and a conduit of the Divine, infusing my work with the essence of sacred play. I discovered that approaching life with a sense of wonder and joy not only transformed my financial and spiritual growth into an exciting adventure but also empowered others to thrive. This playful and authentic approach results in a 1 + 1 = 5 effect, as those I serve become empowered and inspired to achieve their own success.

With a track record of guiding over a hundred souls through their own transformative journeys

 I've transformed what once were just dreams into the bedrock of my daily life. I'm here to guide you to do the same.